Real Estate Agents in Indiana | Myers Trust


A look at our history.

When David Myers formed A Progressive Realty in 1985 he had a plan. He simply wanted to offer professional advice, creative ideas, and better service.

It was a good plan, helping us expand from a one-person business to a leading brokerage in the area. Of course, David didn’t work alone. Over the years we hired, and continue to hire, some of the most resourceful real estate professionals in the region to help us grow. As well, we offer unique resources on our website to make it easy for you to gather essential and reliable information, now and in the future.

There’s something else. We’ve changed our name to Myers Trust Real Estate. But nothing else has changed. We intend to stay with our simple plan for many more years.

Our first priority is to meet your needs—personal service is not
sacrificed for greater profits. In other words, we put people ahead
of dollars.

We know the market intimately, not only our local community, but an expanding area within the region. You can trust that our agents are current with changes in real estate.

It all adds up. Knowledge. Trust. Results.

A peek into our future.